RG (Yancheng) ROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. abbreviated as RG (Robot Good), is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent logistics. The company has gathered a large number of high-tech talents from communication, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and other industries, and has deep accumulation in mobile robots, industrial interconnection, big data and artificial intelligence. We focus on intelligent logistics, provide unmanned vehicles, unmanned warehouses and factory intelligent logistics operating systems, have a deep understanding of product reliability and consistency, and provide customers with standardized, digital and intelligent solutions.

We have a technical and experienced R&D and technical management team. Including technology research and development center, project delivery center, marketing center, resource management center, financial management center and other major sectors, the company has a complete set of mechanical processing and sheet metal, welding, electrical assembly production equipment, as well as a long-term stable product supporting supply chain, and its operation is stable and good.

We adhere to the management concept of "win customers with integrity and win the market with quality", guided by user needs. We sincerely provide our customers at home and abroad with products and services that are technically, well manufactured, reliable and fast.

Let our technology help customers develop and create wealth for customers with our excellent products.

Industry experience
area covered
Proportion of R&D team
Patent works
Enterprise vision
Provide customers with the most advanced industrial intelligence optimization solutions
sense of worth
Customer satisfaction, independent research and development, innovation and optimization, and win-win cooperation
Corporate mission
Make continuous progress for the mission of "China Intelligent Manufacturing" Industry 4.0
Global layout, serving the world
RG have a complete marketing network system in the Chinese market. We provide one-stop brand services in pre-sale consultation, installation services, and after-sales maintenance to fully guarantee the quality of Ryeport products. It also has a global layout, develops networks around the world, and is committed to providing better services to customers around the world.
  • Professional team

    RG have a professional equipment installation team, which has received professional training and many years of service experience. With excellent skills and tools, we can provide fast and reliable installation services.

  • Quick response

    The normal operation of the intelligent logistics platform is crucial to your work efficiency. When customers encounter problems, we respond and deal with them in a timely manner, and arrange the nearest engineers to arrive at the site to provide maintenance solutions.

  • User training

    RG will provide high-quality training services with our own resources and technology advantages. Let you firmly grasp how to skillfully operate the use of hardware equipment and software; Understand some basic equipment daily maintenance knowledge.