Laser forklift

Small volume, large load, autonomous driving, intelligent obstacle avoidance

Application scenario:

1. A safer use environment, reducing the work intensity of personnel;
2. Complete the automatic storage and handling functions in combination with the material rack and the silo;

Product advantages:

1. On-board intelligent algorithm to automatically determine whether to stop;
2. Convenient manual/automatic switching;
3. Linde Forklift Company is responsible for after-sales service of vehicle body hardware;
4. Highly modular, convenient for maintenance and use;
5. Perfect fault self-diagnosis system to facilitate troubleshooting;

Product introduction:

The lifting weight and lifting height can be customized;

The specific model can be subdivided to act on the pallet;

Vehicle weight: about 1260Kg; (Dead weight of forklift is 1200Kg+weight of additional parts is 60Kg)

Applicable roadway: width not less than 2.8 meters;



Product parameters:

NameLaser forkliftNumberRG-A001
Size mm2360×815×2310Navigation modeLaser
Drive modeSteering wheelLifting strokeCustomizable
Navigation accuracy±10mmRadius of rotation1950mm
Load≥500KGWith or without gantryCustomizable
Docking accuracy±10mmLaser obstacle avoidance360°
Audible and visual alarmLight+voiceProtectLevel III anti-collision